Many people struggle to find the unique work they love to do and reach their full potential. With a personalized career strategy and expert coaching to accelerate change, you'll thrive in a craft and journey that delivers the rewards most important to you. 

Have you ever felt that you are wasting your life?

  • I am feeling financially strapped and anxious
  • I am underemployed in a job or career path that does not leverage my full talent
  • I feel boxed-in or manipulated given the lack of control I have over my daily work and life
  • I often feel imposter syndrome and low self-confidence is preventing me from operating at my potential
  • I am feeling alone as I lack mentorship to provide feedback, accountability, and support in a safe space
  • I am feeling isolated and alone as I lack a strong professional network to support my career
  • My current work-life is compromising my well-being and relationships with people who are important to me 
  • I am invisible within my company or industry given that my brand, talent, and experience is not as well-known
  • I am stuck and unfocused without a plan and support to reach my goals
  • I often feel depressed and anxious as my work or financial situation is compromising my well-being

Take Control of Your Work Life and Reach Your Full Potential

Increase Income

Allocate your energy and talent to work that will deliver the financial rewards your desire.

Expand Options

Manage risk and broaden the ways you can monetize your talent and unique knowledge.


Feel confidence and peace that you are on a path that aligns with your values, passion, and talents.

James Gray

Hi, I'm James Gray

My mission is to help you accelerate your transformation and reach your full career potential. My aspiration is that this online learning and coaching platform will save you precious time and increase the likelihood it will deliver on the outcomes you desire in your work life.

Why Do I This?

The career path we choose and our daily work influences the degree of what we will experience in life including wealth, happiness, and achievement. Career strategy and coaching people found me in 2008 while at Microsoft. I have been researching, writing, and coaching to understand successful strategies ever since. My interest was first to help myself since nobody ever taught me how to manage a career while integrating it into my broader life. My gift to you is sharing what I have learned and continue to learn.

I am the creator of the Career Strategy Framework, a process to guide your career transformation.

It's been a gift to work with people as a coach and help them make the necessary changes and transition to the next level. See testimonials from people that I have worked with.

You can read my full bio at